TestoFuel Review: The Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Building

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2019)


Testosterone is an essential hormone that has been proven to help bodybuilders and athletes bulk up and add a nice amount of muscles.


If the testosterone levels (naturally occurring in the body) are below the normal ranges, then you’ll want to take advantage of testosterone boosters — otherwise, have hard time building muscles.

While there are plenty of muscle building supplements available online today, only a few such as TestoFuel make it on to the list of the best testosterone boosters.

To find more about this testosterone supplement and make an informed decision before purchasing it, just go through our comprehensive TestoFuel Review.


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What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is one of the best muscle building supplements manufactured by Roar Ambition Ltd, a brand owned by Peak Health Labs, Inc. This supplement is made of carefully formulated and completely natural ingredients, giving it the properties to increase the body’s testosterone level naturally and pave way for getting nice muscles and definition.

It basically works by supplying the body with the essential nutrients needed to stimulate the production of more testosterone for muscles, increased stamina, as well as physical strength.

TestoFuel for building muscle


Who is TestoFuel For?

The testosterone levels in the body may go down for a number of health reasons, and even if the production level of this hormone stays normal accelerating the production is needed to build muscle. So, TestoFuel is ideal for anyone aged 18+ and looking to increase or sustain lean muscles. It is also designed for the aging men that are experiencing the decline of testosterone levels, and want to regain their youthful feelings and improve vitality.


TestoFuel Ingredients and What They Do?

Knowing what’s in the bottle, I mean the ingredients  is perhaps the most important aspect of our TestoFuel review. Well, this product contains exhaustively researched natural ingredients that have a significant testosterone boosting power. Let’s check them out:


D-Aspartic AcidD-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an excellent amino acid that has been proven by many researchers to play an essential role in enhancing testosterone safely and naturally by up to 45.5%, in less than two weeks.

This ingredient does not only ensure that more of the protein you consume is allocated to the bodybuilding muscles, but also helps decrease chances of overtraining that can cause hormonal imbalances.


Vitamin Dincrease testosterone

A research study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology revealed that Vitamin D deficiency leads to lower free testosterone levels in the body. Since there are Vitamin D receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, this ingredient can support the production of hormones involved in the metabolic and sexual health.

And as you already know, sexual health is directly influenced by the production of testosterone.


Vitamin B6Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 in TestoFuel provides many health benefits in your body, including boosting and regulating the testosterone production. It stimulates the androgen receptors, making the testes to produce more testosterone.

The vitamin can also amplify the production of testosterone simply by suppressing the use of natural estrogen.


Vitamin KTestofuel ingredients

Vitamin K is equally important as it helps maintain steady plasma and levels of testosterone, and also prevent the calcification of arteries. This type of vitamin is made of two main versions: K1 and K2. Well, TestoFuel uses the K2 vitamin because it is utilized by the body more easily to give you more instant effects.

This unique vitamin increases the amount of testosterone simply by reducing the lipopolysaccharide.


Fenugreek ExtractFenugreek

Fenugreek seeds carry bioactive saponins and diosgenin compounds, which according to Australian researchers at the University of Queensland revealed to play a critical role in normalizing testosterone levels and enhancing male libido.

The increase in testosterone levels is proven to be safe, and these levels will naturally slow down with age.


MagnesiumMagnesium ingredient

A research study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis found that enough magnesium levels in the body increase the free testosterone. Magnesium is not only essential for proper functioning of the many different body enzymes, but also supports a number of body processes, such as muscle and nerve relaxation. Magnesium deficiency can result in overly stimulated nerves that cause muscle fatigue, soreness, tension, spasms, and cramps.

The ingredient is also necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, as well as those muscles cells that can’t store energy without enough supply of magnesium.


Oyster ExtractOysters and testosterone

Oysters are rich in Zinc, which is extremely important in protein synthesis and increasing testosterone safely. The lack of zinc has a direct effect on causing low testosterone levels, resulting in impotence and of course low sperm count. If that’s not enough, you run the risk of overtraining as your hormone can become unbalanced, and this could easily cause lack of muscles and weight gain.

The oyster extracts is another great source of 59 trace minerals, including amino acids, vitamins, taurine, omega 3 and 6 fish oils, and manganese. These minerals support the human body and health in a variety of different ways.

The ingredient can also decrease estrogen levels in men and, therefore, effectively fight off the formation of dreaded “man boobs”.



Ginseng is a well-known herb that has the properties to increase sex hormones, which stimulate cell growth and boost the production of testosterone. It is a powerful ingredient that can also boost the levels of adrenaline and adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH). Low levels of these 2 hormones will consequently result in low levels of testosterone in your body.

Lastly, ginseng can greatly help increase energy levels, allowing you to have more productive workouts to improve your physique.


Zinc zinc pills testosterone

TestoFuel is also formulated with an effective dose of Zinc to boost your testosterone production naturally and enhance muscle building. Additionally, Zinc helps prevent prolactin, which is a hormone that can destroy testosterone.


How to Take Testofuel

TestoFuel is available in a box containing 120 capsules, and the recommended dosage by the manufacturer is 4 capsules per day spread out evenly 3-4 hours. While you can expect to feel some effects after a few days or weeks of using TestoFuel, you are advised to continue using this testosterone booster for at least 60 days to experience the best results possible.

One thing we liked about TestoFuel is that you can use it with any other supplements.


Are There Any Side Effects with TestoFuel

Fortunately, there are no unwanted side effects associated with using TestoFuel. The product contains natural ingredients that have been tested over many years and are proven to be safe. However, before you start using TestoFuel, you’ll need to be sure that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients mentioned above. So it’s best that you consult your doctor or dietitian first.

And most importantly, if you miss your doses, don’t overdose in one go to catch up on your doses. Just stick to the recommended 4 capsules on a daily basis.


Testofuel Pricing

Testofuel Bottle

The cost of TestoFuel will vary depending on where you buy from. If you are going to buy from the official website, one box containing 120 capsules will cost you $65 plus shipping fee.

The price for two boxes of TestoFuel is $130; however, you enjoy free delivery.

Buying 3 boxes will cost you $195, but you get to enjoy a variety of benefits such as 1 free box of TestoFuel, free delivery, and 2 free eBooks on Workout Programs and Nutrition.


Testofuel Reviews

Based on the dozens of online reviews from customers who have tried TestoFuel, this supplement seems like a good choice as it delivers on its promise of increasing the testosterone. Let’s have a look at some of the reviews:

An editor at Broscience, a reputable online media that’s dedicated to covering health and fitness stories across the world, tested TestoFuel to determine its effectiveness. And after using the product for 4 months, he found it highly useful as he was able to increase 3 of his lifts by 30 pounds.

Nicholas from Indiana spent several weeks in the gym whilst using different types of supplements, but wasn’t able to record any significant muscle gain. He tried out the TestoFuel capsules for just 2 months, and the results were really impressive. He started transforming to the physique of his dreams and was able to lift more weight than ever before.

Consumer Health Digest, an online publication, conducted an independent review of the TestoFuel and the product scored well, especially in areas of safety, effectiveness, and long-term results.

Dan, a resident of the UK, used the product for 3 weeks and noticed a natural boost in his physical strength. He could push himself harder when working out at the gym. He stayed motivated while focusing on certain muscle groups. Dan also noticed enhanced better sleep patterns.

Just like so many consumers are skeptical at a new product they haven’t tried out yet, Dominic from Utah was also skeptical about the effectiveness of this product when he came across it for the first time.
Eventually he made up his mind to try out the supplement, and fortunately, the product didn’t disappoint a bit as he started seeing the results in as little as one week. Today, he highly recommends the testosterone supplement to other users looking to build muscles.

Paul, a middle-aged professional from Australia, proved that TestoFuel is truly not meant for young bodybuilders and athletes only. His main reason for taking this supplement was to prevent the physical effects he experienced when sitting at a computer for a long period of time. In less than 4 months, Paul noticed a significant reduction of fat and an incredible increase of muscles.

Lastly, there was Ian Johnson, we figured we would let his results below speak for themselves.

Testofuel before and after


Does Testofuel Really Work?

Absolutely yes! Many people have used TestoFuel and the long-term results they were able to achieve
are impressive. Unlike the synthetic steroids, this testosterone booster is designed to work with the body’s own mechanism to help muscles develop just naturally.

The excellent ingredient composition in TestoFuel can quickly and easily increase testosterone in the body. These ingredients work effectively without triggering any unwanted side effects, and allow the body to naturally synthesize proteins for effective absorption of more proteins to inspire bulkier muscles.

The amount of testosterone produced is used at a really more effective rate. This means that even if you suddenly stop taking the TestoFuel capsules, your muscles size will not start to decrease right away.

In our bodies, we have the catabolic muscles that work contrastingly by breaking down the body muscle mass. This is basically against our efforts to build muscle. TestoFuel works to reduce the effects of the catabolic hormones so that you’re able to get bulkier muscles faster and in a healthy way.

Another point worth mentioning is that when the overall testosterone levels are high in the body, you experience an improved mood and so it becomes easy to stay motivated and speed the time of recovery after and between workouts. This makes it also a lot easier for you to work on respective muscle groups more often.

TestoFuel ingredients are also well formulated to effectively burn the extra fat in the body and improve muscle definition, especially in the abdominal region.


Pros and Cons of Testofuel

TestoFuel Pros:

  • Can be used with any other supplements
  • No unwanted side effects linked with this particular product
  • 100% natural ingredients that are clinically proven to be very safe and aid in muscle growth
  • Increases strength
  • Significantly reduces the stubborn body fat
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Plenty of positive reviews on its effectiveness
  • Even women can use the supplement
  • Improves your mood

TestoFuel Cons:

  • It is only available online at their official website
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians


TestoFuel Conclusion

TestoFuel is, without a doubt, the best testosterone booster for muscle building you’ll get out there on the market today. There are a whole lot of reasons why you’ll want to use this exhaustively researched bodybuilding
supplement. First off, it is incredibly easy to incorporate TestoFuel into any of your training programs and use it
with other supplements.

There are no hidden additives as all the natural ingredients that the product is made of are clearly spelled out on the label. The supplement is free of caffeine or any other stimulant, making it possible for you to increase energy levels in a healthy manner.

Keep in mind though that the effects of TestoFuel may differ from one person to another. Some may start experiencing the desired results in just a few days or weeks, while others may take a couple of months.

We’ll definitely recommend TestoFuel without hesitation. There you have it!

Website: Testofuel.com