Spartan Race Training: Face to Face with the Dreaded Spartan Race

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2019)

So you’re thinking about doing a Spartan Race? Or have done one and want to train better.

Well then, if you have never done a race it will be a true test of will. Let’s get those that have no clue caught up on the races. If you’re already educated on them scroll down.

Spartsn Race Training

What is a Spartan Race?

Spartan Race is a series of obstacle race of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 1 mile to marathon distances: the Spartan Sprint (3+ miles of obstacle racing), the Super Spartan (8+ miles), the Spartan Beast (12+ miles), and the Ultra Beast (26+ miles – one of two marathon obstacle courses along with Mudderthon).

Spartan Race also has a time-trial obstacle course race that is one mile in length and has a military series in which obstacles are designed by the United States military.

Spartan Race’s parent company, Peak Races, hosts the Spartan Death Race, 48+ hour extreme test of endurance and resilience. In a Spartan Race event, participants will confront obstacles ranging from extreme to absurd that gain their inspiration from sources as varied as Spartan training, Navy SEAL training and American Gladiators. ESPN describes the Spartan Race as “a true test of will.”


Can you do a Spartan Race?

If you have to ask yourself  “Can I do a Spartan Race?” then maybe you’re not ready. At this point, such thoughts have no place in your vocab. From this point on once you decide all you will need to do is commit yourself whole-heartedly.

Regardless of the Spartan Race you choose, you will be tested. I personally have used the Spartan Race to gauge how my body has improved over the year. I have always been the (Nice body, but what can you do with it, kinda guy) meaning you see all these people that look like they are in shape but what happens when you put a workout like Greg Glassman’s Fran in front of them?

You can look good but can that body function?  Nature has its way of weeding out specialists. What I mean by that is for you to be the best you, you have to make the unnatural natural. Easier explained train your weakness. If you’re a great runner, hit the gym, if you’re a gym shark go outside and run. I do not believe that one person is better than another because they workout more. The most important thing is that you are improving yourself.


Spartan Race


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Are you Spartan ready?

Before introducing you to  Spartan Race Training, there are a few rules of engagement.

The only time you will count reps is when we do the 300 workout

The reason for this is that when you do meet the race face to face you’re going to pull, push, carry, drag, and run to name a few actions numerous times. Reps will not matter here. Once you complete the  300 workout your result will determine your training plan.

Run outside

If the workout has a run in it then no treadmills!!!!! I personally don’t run on a treadmill I usually lift weights faster than normal to condition myself, however for race purposes, I run trails reason for this is to get your body used to running on uneven surfaces, the race is not going to be on flat terrain, so why should we waste our time?

To welcome you to the world of Spartans, your very first workout will be the 300 workout, designed by Mark Twight. This workout is what the actors of the 300 movies are rumored to have done, to prepare for the set. After that, we have some other workouts you may want to try as well.

Spartan Race TrainingInstructions:  Time each exercise from start to finish, give yourself a 1 min break between each exercise. Add up your total, you’re going to need this so keep track of it.

The workout consists of:

  • 25 pull-ups
  • 50 deadlifts  M-135lbs  F-95lbs
  • 50 push-ups
  • 50 box jumps 24-inch box
  • 50 Floor wipers
  • 25 kettlebell or dumbbell clean and press,25 reps per arm use 36 lbs
  • 25 Pull-ups

The above workout needs to be done 3 times, spaced out by 1 day make sure you keep the lowest time from the 3 days. We will need this to start your training program, enjoy.

Note : You will have 2 weeks to get your 300 workout time down. The Athletic Build will release Spartan workouts at the beginning of each week thereafter.


The Sparta Workout

  • 25 Push-ups
  • 25 Dead Burpees – Arms and legs up and out at the bottom, only the belly on the floor as seen below.
    Dead Burpee
    50 mountain climbers
  • 20 Burpees
  • 50 Mountain climbers
  • Hold the starting point of a push up for 1 min, so keep arms extended and hold.
  • 15  Burpees
  • 25 Inchworms with a push-up
  • Inchworm shown in video below, add a push up in with each inchworm.
  • 50 Pushups, each time you come up tap your shoulder alternating sides

If you’re a warrior, take a 3 min break and do the workout backward, from 50 pushups to 25 pushups. For those that want to be gladiators take a 2-min break . Spartans will take 1min 30 seconds or less, which are you? Man or Spartan?


The Barca Workout

You’re going to need two towels of the same length, a barbell weights, and a pull-up bar. If you have dumbbells they can also be used.

Mud Race

  • Begin with Rdl Shrug to Row 25 reps: Ladies 95lb/Gentlemen 135lb

Rdl Shrug video below:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 5 push-ups
  • 7 jump squats

Keep alternating from 5 pull-ups to 7 jump squats for 3 min

  • Broad jump – 25 jumps

Try do 4 rounds, each round begins with the  Rdl Shrug and end with 25 broad jumps.

By Wayne Mutata C.P.P.S