Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Review

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2020)

Cute Fat Burner Review

In the battle to lose weight, an effective fat burner can give you the edge you need to reach your goals faster.

It can be tough to determine which fat burners are effective, and which are a waste of your time and money.

For those that are new to weight loss supplements, the amount of choice on the market can certainly leave your head spinning…

That’s what we are here for – to settle the confusion surrounding supplements once and for all!

In today’s review,  we will be taking a long, hard look at the popular Cute Nutrition Fat Burner – to see if it really as effective as their marketing makes out.


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What Is Cute Nutrition Fat Burner?

This Cute Nutrition Fat Burner review aims to shine a light on this budget fat loss supplement. It is yet another product specifically targeted towards the female market.

As you may have guessed this supplement is manufactured by Cute Nutrition, who specializes in women’s nutrition and health products.

As such, the bottle is designed in a cute feminine fashion, with pastel pink capsules clearly visible inside…

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner claims that their 100% natural formula boosts metabolism and enables your body to torch calories all day.

But is it really effective?

Well, all supplements shout about their abilities to help you look amazing by popping a pill.

But most people realize that they can’t work alone…

That said, fat burners can definitely help you along the way to your ideal body if they are high enough quality.

So how does the Cute Nutrition Fat Burner fit into this picture?

Let’s take a look:


How Does Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Work?

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner says it uses a combination of powerful, natural ingredients to increase metabolism and melt away fat rapidly!

And remember:

By increasing the metabolism, you will burn more calories than usual without any additional effort.

A good fat burner will help you reach a state where you have no calorie energy left for the body to use for fuel – so it starts to break down and burn fat stores instead.

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner also promises to help you achieve your goals faster by reducing your appetite. Looking at the label we were far from convinced by this claim.

So without wasting any more time – let’s jump in and investigate the Cute Nutrition Fat Burner formula.

Here it is:


Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Ingredients

Cute Fat Burner Ingredients

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner includes an ok list of 10 individual ingredients, all with clear dose amounts displayed.

Let’s investigate the main ones in more detail.


Guarana (600mg)

Guarana is a popular ingredient in energy drinks and pre-workout supplements to improve performance.

It contains twice as much caffeine as coffee, which means it is a very strong stimulant.

Caffeine is often used as a metabolism and energy booster in weight loss supplements, but this powerful ingredient can also have detrimental effects…

Many people experience unpleasant side effects when consuming high quantities of caffeine. Common reactions include rapid and irregular heartbeat, headaches, anxiety and dizziness. In our opinion, guarana is too strong if you’re a woman looking for a safe supplement.  


Green Tea (200mg)

Green tea is an incredibly popular ingredient in many weight loss and fitness products.

This super healthy ingredient is packed with powerful, plant-based antioxidants that are clinically proven to elevate metabolism and encourage fat loss.

Green tea also contains some caffeine, but in a much smaller dose than guarana. This is enough to provide a feeling of healthy energy levels, without causing worrisome side effects.


Chromium (0.15mg)

Chromium is a form of mineral which is important in the regulation of our blood sugar.

Keeping blood sugar levels under control not only helps to prevent diabetes but also works to limit unhealthy sugar cravings which can ruin your diet.

Not only this, chromium can also elevate the metabolism and assist with nutrient uptake.

Overall, chromium is a very effective choice of the ingredient in Cute Nutrition Fat Burner.


Ginger Root (100mg)

We were disappointed to see ginger root used in Cute Nutrition Fat Burner.

It is true that clinical trials have found ginger to be beneficial in boosting calorie burn. However, these trials used almost 10 times the dose of ginger found in Cute Nutrition Fat Burner.

On that basis, we feel the inclusion of ginger root is ineffective and a waste of time.


L-Carnitine (200mg)

L-carnitine is a further type of amino acid, which we require for the correct breakdown of fats into a fuel source.

It is useful for helping the body use unwanted fat as fuel, enabling you to drop inches quicker while feeling energized.


Siberian Ginseng (140mg)

Siberian ginseng is allegedly useful for reducing the appetite, increasing calorie burn and helping to balance blood sugar.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any real evidence to substantiate this. Therefore, we consider this ingredient to be of no benefit whatsoever.


Magnesium (150mg)

Magnesium is an essential chemical element that we require to stay alive. It is used in the day to day function of our cells and is imperative to our health.

On this basis, most of us will consume adequate levels of magnesium anyway. But there is some evidence that taking additional magnesium can boost energy levels and performance.


Zinc (20mg)

Zinc is required for the healthy functioning of our immune system, proper blood sugar regulation and effective metabolism.

There is evidence that zinc is beneficial in the regulation of hormones that cause the sensation of hunger, therefore supporting calorie restriction.


Missing Ingredients

It seems the ingredients used in Cute Nutrition Fat Burner formula are quite a mixed bag. We liked the use of chromium and green tea, but are disappointed in the inclusion of ginseng, guarana and ginger root.

It seems to us that many of the ingredients lack real scientific evidence, or are ineffective at such a low dose.

In our opinion, Cute Nutrition Fat Burner would have done better to include fewer ingredients, but of higher quality.

Some of the additions we would make to the formula are:


Turmeric – Turmeric is a magical ingredient suitable for a whole host of health issues. For weight loss, it can help by reducing your unhealthy fat cells. It also tells the body to use excess fat stores as the preferred source of fuel and protects lean muscle mass from being broken down during times of calorie restriction.


Green Coffee – Green coffee contains very low levels of caffeine and large quantities of a compound known as “chlorogenic acid”. This acid is very effective at stimulating the breakdown of fats, without causing any unpleasant side effects.


Side Effects with Cute Nutrition Fat Burner

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner uses only natural ingredients, but that definitely does not mean that there is no risk of side effects (even if they say so on their website).

The use of ingredients that are highly stimulating, such as guarana, inherently carries risks of side effects.

Furthermore, women are much more likely to be sensitive to the effects of stimulants like caffeine – making this choice of ingredient appear even more unwise.

Guarana has the potential to cause a fast and unpredictable heartbeat, anxiety, shakes, nausea, headaches, stomach cramps and difficulty sleeping.


Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Price

Cute Nutrition Fat Burner is very cheap, almost too cheap…

It is priced at about $20 for a bottle containing one month supply.

They are available to purchase from their own website, as well as on Amazon.

So far they do not appear to be available at other big retailers like GNC.


Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Reviews


We chose to avoid reviews posted on the official Cute Nutrition website, in the hope on getting a full picture of what customers thought of this product.

With the only other online retailer seeming to be Amazon, we headed over there to see what people had to say…

In all honesty, there wasn’t a great deal of reviews to consider here.

Most of the positive reviews stated that users felt an increase in energy, but there weren’t any strong reviews claiming noticeable weight loss.

We think this probably shows that Cute Nutrition Fat Burner rests heavily upon its caffeine content.


Will Cute Nutrition Fat Burner Help You Lose Weight?

In the main, we feel like Cute Nutrition Fat Burner could potentially give you a slight weight loss advantage.

The problem is it would give you next to no benefit on its own…

You would 100% need to pair it with a good exercise regime and low-calorie diet.

Not only are some of the ingredients ineffective, but the stimulants are potentially troublesome too.

If you can easily tolerate caffeine then Cute Nutrition Fat Burner could be a cheap and useful supplement for you.


Pros and Cons of Cute Nutrition Fat Burner

pros and cons


  • Uses green tea and chromium
  • Cheap



  • Includes highly stimulating guarana
  • Many ingredients are ineffective
  • Potential for side effects


Conclusion on Cute Nutrition Fat Burner

Our conclusion from this Cute Nutrition Fat Burner review?

First and foremost this product appears to be a cheap fat loss supplement, which has limited potential to help people lose weight.

The use of high caffeine ingredients is perhaps not surprising for a diet pill, however, in our view better results could be achieved with fewer stimulants and more appetite suppressants.


We understand that many sports supplements use high quantities of caffeine and other stimulants in their formulations.


That doesn’t change the fact that these ingredients are not well tolerated by women.

And if you’re going to market a product exclusively for women, then you really should take the time to formulate it for them too!

While it is undoubtedly a cheap female fat burner, it is worth considering how much progress you are likely to make with such a weak formulation.

In our opinion, you get what you pay for with weight loss pills. To get results you’ll probably need to go with a more premium option than the Cute Nutrition Fat Burner. Any of the products on our list of the best fat burners for women would work better.