Beyond Raw Lit Review: Is It A Good Pre-Workout?

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2022)

Beyond Raw Lit is a pre-workout supplement sold through Amazon and GNC, as a result, it has become quite visible in the health and fitness niche. This pre-workout is available in both a one and two month supply and comes with three different flavor options.

In this Beyond Raw lit review, we’ll dig deeper into the ingredient profile, evaluate the stimulant content and let you know who the product will work best for.

What Does Beyond Raw Lit Do?

Beyond Raw Lit claims to be concentrated, potent, and fully-dosed. The makers have used powerful combinations of popular and established ingredients.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Well-known ingredients. Just about every ingredient we see is familiar.
  • Short and sweet. Just 7 active ingredients.
  • Contains creatine. Not the best if you are wanting to avoid looking bulky.


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What You Need to Know About The Ingredients

Let’s see what Beyond Raw Lit has for us under the hood.

Beyond Raw Lit includes seven ingredients and keeps up with the recent trend of brands transitioning away from proprietary blends.

We really like the transparency of Beyond Raw Lit. No mystery doses, no marketing-gimmicks that we often find with prop blends, just raw ingredients organized according to the purpose they serve.

Energy & Mental Intensity

  • CarnoSyn Beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is among the most popular pre-workout ingredients and the brand of CarnoSyn is recognized as a sign of a premium formulation. At 3.2 grams, we get more than the standard working dose of 2 grams.
  • Micronized Creatine. Creatine is among the most studied ergogenic ingredients in the world, with over 200+ studies on what it can do for your body during and after exercise. The problem with creatine is it has a tendency to cause bloating, especially in large doses. This can be solved by using a micronized version of the powder. Micronization also helps the creatine become more bioavailable and prevent clumping, which probably accounts for the large dose of 1.5 grams.
  • Caffeine. We all like coffee, but we’re always mindful of the high caffeine content and the downsides that can come with that. Energy spikes, if too sudden, can cause jitters, sweats, and the inevitable crash afterward. While the dosage of 250 mg is really a good max point, we think Beyond Raw Lit could’ve done better by only using caffeine from natural sources.
  • elevATP. This is often paired with creatine due to how it enhances creatine’s effects.
  • NeuroFactor. A rare addition, this ingredient is sourced from a natural coffee fruit extract that’s meant to complement caffeine’s effects.


Pump & N.O. Support

  • L-Citrulline. At 3 grams, we’re getting more than the usual dose of this ever popular pre-workout substance.
  • Nitrosigine. This is a super bioavailable form of arginine meant to not only enhance citrulline’s effects but also sustain them for longer.


Overall, Beyond Raw Lit gave us a short, simple, and quite effective pre-workout supplement. Granted it’s really nothing special when it comes to formula design, that’s because it only includes two premium, branded ingredients.

That said the ingredients that are included all have pedigree and have been dosed appropriately, there is also the potential for certain ingredients to complement each other in the way they work.

What’s Missing?

Beyond Raw Lit is a good pre-workout, but far from perfect. Here are some ingredients we thought the Beyond Raw makers could have used to improve their product.

  • B vitamins. B vitamins are the first to be depleted during a tough workout because the muscles use them to reduce tiredness and fatigue. They also contribute to a normal energy yielding metabolism. Adding B vitamins would have been a sensible move.
  • Natural caffeine. Natural caffeine sources like Green Coffee Beans and Green Tea allow for great stimulation minus the side effects.


Are There Any Side Effects?

The potential side effects will come from two ingredients: Caffeine and beta alanine. We all know what caffeine can do for our workouts, but it does have a price and that includes the possibility of jitters, palpitations, and crashing.

For beta alanine, there’s a chance you will have an itchy sensation, especially with that dose.

Fortunately, this is a completely normal effect of using energy supplements that usually desists after just a few uses of the product.


How to Take Beyond Raw Lit

It’s simple. All you have to do is take a scoop with 8 fluid ounces of cold water and consume it 15 minutes before your workout. On non-training days, you can actually take a scoop for that extra dose of energy and focus. However, the bottle does warn against taking it before bedtime.


What Are Customers Saying?


Here are some of the general reviews on Beyond Raw Lit.


Good Reviews:

  • “It does what the labels says it does.”
  • “You feel tingling sensations which means it’s working.”
  • “Better than other pre-workouts I’ve tried.”


Bad Reviews:

  • “Really bad palpitations and headaches.”
  • “The gummy bear flavor was bad.”
  • “Made me way too jittery.”


Beyond Raw Lit FAQS

Does it contain Caffeine?

Yes, it has 250 mg caffeine. We personally think 250 mg is right at the upper end of what we would like to see, that’s because it is the equivalent to two cups of strong coffee.

How much can you take at once?

The label doesn’t state any maximum servings per day, but you probably shouldn’t take it more than once.

Is Beyond Raw Lit stackable with other supplements?

It’s simple and short, so it’s possible to stack this with other supplements provided the other supplement doesn’t contain caffeine.

Is it for women?

Women have since changed their fitness preferences in the last decade, and we respect that some women are now looking for “muscle builder” ingredients to get that lean and ripped look. However, most women still don’t like bulking, so the presence of creatine in Beyond Raw Lit doesn’t make it 100% appealing to women.

At 250mg of caffeine per serving you could also argue that the potential for side effects might be off putting for female users.


Anything Else to Consider?

It may be best if you eat or drink something before you ingest Beyond Raw Lit. Taking it on an empty stomach might just give you a bad case of stomach ache.


Here’s a Recap of the Benefits and Drawbacks of This Supplement:

Pros and Cons


  • No prop blends. We like formulas that show everything.
  • Good overall dosing. Caffeine was a bit high, but okay for everything else.
  • Three Flavors – Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum and Gummy Worm



  • Pricey. $40.00 might be a little too much for just 7 ingredients.
  • Not natural caffeine. Caffeine Anhydrous is a synthetic form of this stimulant.


Review Summary

Beyond Raw Lit is a good example of a solid and safe for pre-workout. Good overall dosing of commonly used ingredients will always make for a nice experience whether you’re into hardcore workouts or light jogging.

The only potential negatives we could see would be the high dose of caffeine, something that might not be suitable for everyone.

At $40 Beyond Raw Lit is not terrible value for money. However given the premium price we might have hoped to see more premium ingredients, like the natural caffeine amplifier EnXtra or the nitrate-rich Rednite.

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