5 Benefits of Doing Cone Drills: An Athleticism Exercise

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2020)

There are a wide range of workouts you can do with the help of workout cones.

Cone drills focus on fast movements over short distances, which are typically done in timed sets or until burnout.

Here are five proven benefits of using cones as part of your exercise routine.

cone drill exercise benefit


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1) Increased Agility

Most athletes train with cones because of their power to increase overall agility. Moving quickly between cones boosts the speed of your lateral movements, allowing you to change direction faster the longer you do them. The process of accelerating from a stopped position is also made quicker by running cone drills.


2) Better Balance

Having strong balance is vital to your overall health, especially when it comes to aging. Building balance takes time, as it requires so many muscles throughout your body to work in unison. Cone drills improve balance by working the muscles of your back, core and legs simultaneously, leading to more steady movements and increased stability on your feet.

Cone agility drill

3) Efficient Exercise

Cone workouts provide lots of results in much less time than other types of exercises. If you have a busy schedule and oftentimes have difficulty finding time to exercise, then cones could be a great solution. Even a few minutes a day of doing cone drills can help you stay fit.

4) Helps Prevent Injuries

Most everyday injuries are caused by a loss of balance followed by an inability to become stable again. Because cone drills improve both agility and balance, your risk of getting injured decreases significantly when you do them regularly. Reducing your chances of experiencing an injury is one of the surest ways to ensure a long, healthy and active life.


5) Boosts Metabolism

If you want to lose weight, then it makes sense to concentrate only on exercises proven to boost your metabolism for as long as possible. Cone drills work just about every major muscle group in your body while also forcing your cardiovascular function to keep up. It’s this exhausting yet exhilarating combination that keeps your metabolism elevated and continuing to burn calories for hours after your workout ends, leading to much better fat loss results than other types of exercise.


Cones clearly make for a useful and highly effective addition to your workout routine. By using cones, you’ll improve your balance and agility, reduce your risk of injury, get better results in less time and boost your metabolism for faster fat loss. I am sure some of you are wondering what some good cone drills are you should be doing, the video below has 31 good ones you can choose from.

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